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We’re proud of the voice actors who have collaborated with us on their demos. Hear a few of them in action and read about their experiences with 405 Audio.

Jason Vande Brake


"Working on my demo at 405 Audio was a completely amazing experience. Scott guided me through the whole process step-by-step. He made sure I had great things to say, helping me choose absolutely killer copy and carefully coached me through every spot during our recording session. It was crazy fun, and I could not be more thrilled with the finished product. In fact, my demo was a major factor in my signing with WME." – Jason Vande Brake, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

Erin Bennett


“When it came time to put together a demo, there was only one name on my list: Scott Holst. A demo can seem like a monumental task – figuring out which parts of your voice to show to the world – and Scott was incredible at helping me decide. It's like he "mapped" my voice – and selected the right copy, music, tone, attitude, and then packed it all into a signature product. My demo is ME – and I'm thrilled with that.” – Erin Bennett, Rogers Orion Talent Agency

Krizia Bajos


“The fact that my demo is almost 4 years old and I’m still as excited about it as I was when I first heard it is unbelievable because I’m rarely that pleased about my demos. First off, it’s me, it’s not a gimmicky me, it’s the real me. Different tones and attitudes of me, yet undeniably me and Scott understood that from the beginning. He knew how important it was to incorporate my interests and what makes me excited and translate that into some kick ass copy. Thanks to his keen ear and talent, I signed with the first agent I met with. They loved my demo and I’ve booked straight from that sucker many times!” – Krizia Bajos, Abrams Artists Agency

Tedd Roman


“Truly couldn’t be happier with the voice demo Scott helped me put together. I quickly landed a great agent and some awesome work opportunities. He’s truly one of the best!” – Tedd Roman, DPN Talent

Chris O'Donnell


“I'd recommend Scott to anyone! The entire process was completely tailored to me and only me. We not only captured the many different facets or "signatures" of my voice but we did so in a way that always felt believable. I never was trying to make my voice something that it wasn't. Every step of the way Scott makes sure everything you hear: the editing, the music, the mix. All sound professional and most importantly: All me. Scott knows the second something sounds inauthentic and he isn't afraid to tell you! I love my reel and you will too.” – Chris O’Donnell

Jessalyn Wanlim


“I couldn’t be happier with my demo, and it’s all because of Scott! From picking out my copy to the time of our actual session, he really knows what he’s doing and how to bring your best signatures forward. Scott’s truly amazing at what he does…you won’t find anyone as passionate about your career as he is…seriously!” – Jessalyn Wanlim, Independent Artists

Patrick Wenk-Wolf


"Scott was instrumental in getting me an agent. The agents at VOX loved my demo and signed me right away. I couldn't have done it without his expert tutelage, great direction, and insight into what makes a great demo. On top of all of that he's a cool and hilarious guy. I can't speak highly enough." – Patrick Wenk-Wolff, VOX